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12pm – 12am


1pm – 12am


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12 - 3 PM
one starter + one main dish


Miso Soup
With seaweed, tofu and spring onions.
Deep fried dumplings filled with tuna tartar.

Main Kitchen

€ 7.9
Dudu's Chicken Curry
Crispy tempura-lemon chicken breast with DUDU`s homemade curry sauce, fresh wild herbs salad, basil, coriander and roasted peanuts on sesame rice.
Momo's Beef Noodles
Spicy beef with rice noodles, wild herbs salad, sprouts, roasted peanuts and chili-lime vinaigrette.
Obama's Fav
Pan fried tuna tatare balls with rice noodles, fresh wild herbs salad, coriander and chili-lime-dressing.
Peruvian Noodle Soup
Traditional Peruvian noodle soup with semonlina noodles, manioc, carrots and blanched spring onions.
Indochine Farmer Curry
Traditional Vietnamese curry with braised veal, carrots and potatoes. Served with sesame rice.

Main Sushi

€ 9.9
Tartar Roll
Hot-spicy tuna tatare, avocado and cucumber.
Crunchy Tuna Roll
Hot-spicy tuna, salmon and avocado in a crispy tempura. vegetarian option possible
Crispy Tiger
Tempura prawns, fresh salmon and cucumber. vegetarian option possible
All our DUDU rolls are served with salsa roja, guacamole, daikon, cress, sesame and unagi sauce1.

Main Special

€ 10.9
Dudulicious Salmon
Grilled salmon filet on sesame rice with wild herbs salad, salsa-roja and guacamole.
Ocean's Best
Raw salmon, kingfish, white tuna and hot-spicy tuna, japanese omelette and tempura of tiger prawns on a bed of warm sesame rice and wild herbs salad, salsa roja and guacamole.

DUDU Lunch

Monday – friday

12pm – 3pm

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